The clients’ satisfaction and the total comprehension of their needs, so as to be able to offer proposals for continuous improvement, are Optoi’s primary objectives.

The quality management department promotes continuous improvement and guarantees the method by which any client-proposed issues are tackled and solved. All this is necessary to consolidate the mutual trust relationship that is the foundation of Optoi’s commercial and professional values.

The ISO 9001:2000 certification, acquired in and maintained since 2004, is proof of Optoi’s approach entirely focused on the client and on its specific requirements. This certification qualifies Optoi as being a company capable of offering standard and custom products and services made to very high quality levels.


Accreditation with the Aerospace Industry


Optoi’s confidence with maximum precision, commitment and quality, as well as its capacity to focus on sectors that push technological research in order to extend its potential, have always favoured its important standing in the aerospace industry.

The drive towards improvement that Optoi has achieved by conforming to the standards of this sector further qualifies all of its production through the evolution of in-house procedures and methodologies.

The very high added value of these activities is obtained by starting from an accurate selection of raw materials and is based on the precise control over all process stages, including final testing.

In particular, compliance with MIL-STD-883 and the ESCC/ESA No. 204900 internal visual inspection standard has won Optoi accreditation with the European, Italian and French Space Agencies.

All this has contributed to increasing Optoi’s reputation in Europe, among the suppliers of microelectronic components for the aerospace market and among the Space Agencies always seeking new partners.