Optoi firmly believed in a business model based on supporting the customer in industrial and process problem solving. The Group makes no secret of having preferred quality and customisation to volume. This choice is the basis of the agility and skill with which our companies know how to present themselves to the industrial partner for basic silicon processing right up to the most sophisticated and technologically advanced sensor requirements.
Today, Optoi enjoys an “electronic” and a “microelectronic” soul that complement each other. The extensive derivations of photonics (point and absolute sensors) form part of the daily search for performance and improvement in our cleanroom, where carbon comes to life and microns become the prevailing unit of measurement.
We analyse our partner's request and intuition, we structure it in a technical-economic feasibility analysis and take care of the design step by step; we manage the engineering aspect and carry out the industrialisation of the production process. All this is done in-house, in our operational offices.


The constant drive towards scientific and technological evolution allows innovative solutions and products to be designed and developed. This serves progress and sustainability in the industrial, environmental and health sectors, and in general to enhance people's quality of life.
We want to strengthen our role as a technological and professional partner in the electronic and microelectronic fields, with the ambition of excellence in development on demand, in production and in packaging of electronic sensors and measurement systems.