Company profile

Optoi was established in Trento in 1995 as the successful spin-off of the Istituto di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, currently renamed Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), with which it has always been working in close synergy for the production of silicon devices.

Since its incorporation, Optoi has focused its core business activity on the manufacture of optical microelectronic components and intelligent optoelectronic sensors. In over twenty years of activity, Optoi has become the supplier of reference for the industrial and special vehicle sectors, while in recent years it has become a partner in important biomedical and aerospace projects. In these markets, Optoi is not merely a supplier but an active partner.

This distinction is important, because Optoi, together with the client, creates innovative products, possibly patentable, capable of adding value and of providing a competitive edge to the client’s market position.

Optoi’s most recent technological frontier in the last few years has been the development of silicon MEMS-based devices designed and manufactured thanks to its cooperation with FBK.

Starting from a specific request, the engineering team starts working on the project by focusing on product innovation and finds the ideal solutions to the specific needs. Optoi therefore is capable of supporting the client in all of the design phases, starting from the initial technical and economic feasibility stage to the final development, product engineering and production process industrialization stages.

Optoi’s partnership with FBK ensures effective cooperation in the design of the layout and structure of new microelectronic components, while Optoi’s Class 1000 cleanroom guarantees assembly on substrate or board according to aerospace standards (MIL-STD-883). Intelligent electronic microcontroller-based systems with digital or analogic output are produced in-house on the PCB-assembly SMT line and tested using the available specific equipment.

Since 2010, Optoi has been organised into a group of companies, all located in Trentino and with a shared identity targeted on innovation. The mission of the group is to become a group of reference in the production of optical measurement, optoelectronic and vision sensors and systems.

In 2013, Optoi opened its first foreign branch in Brazil - Innovasens Brasil – with headquarters in Florianopolis, to promote the development of business opportunities in South America for all of the group’s companies.

In 2015, Optoi entered a mutual distribution with the First Sensor AG Group, a multinational company with headquarters in Germany, and a leader in the production of sensors, whose products are an excellent complement to Optoi’s output.

After 20 years of successful activity, Optoi has become the accredited technological partner of a wide range of clients in the development and production of sensors and measurement systems for the industrial, aerospace, biomedical and greentech markets.