A prompt development in the biomedical field has been brought by the ever growing knowledge in the field of biotechnology and biochemistry. In particular, new disciplines like Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics opened the so called “Omics” era.

The combination of electronics, material science and information technologies and the application of micro and nanotechnologies for the development of innovative sensors and cutting edge technologies, are dramatically changing the future of biomedicine from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view by opening new challenges and frontiers.

Optoi Biomedical division develops microelectronic technologies for optical  and optoelectronic sensors, with a multidisciplinary approach, thanks also to strong collaborations with national and international research centers.


Most relevant activities for biomedical technologies:


  • Novel molecular diagnostic device to deliver new tests for human illnesses. This device is combined to a revolutionary chemical technology meant to simplify and make more reliable the detection of circulating biomarkers, bringing it closer to medical personnel


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  • Developing a novel detection platform for microRNAs useful as improved biomarkers for detection of lung cancer and clinical decision making.


          miRNA-DisEASY - H2020


  • Silicon radiation detectors for innovative medical instruments, e.g. PET (Positron Emission Tomography)



  • Sensitive optical sensors for human blood measurements