For more than ten years, Optoi has applied its skill and experience in the field of sensors also to the so-called “trend of green technologies” applied to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Thanks to a project launched in-house by the company and then further developed with the dedicated startup, UpSens Srl, in 2018, a new range of products was created, dedicated to the final consumer and focused on measuring air quality in indoor environments, dedicated to the final consumer.

In the current context, in which people spend 90% of their time indoors, which is up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors, the founding members of UpSens noted a significant opportunity for sustainability and social innovation, in developing sensors to measure environmental parameters that are crucial for people's well-being.
The first range of products dedicated to monitoring environmental quality allows parameters, such as the following, to be measured: concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulate matter (PM1-2.5-10) and the level of electrosmog. These are portable and modular IoT measuring tools.

Today, it has become a primary goal to pursue healthiness in indoor environments. An increasingly pressing need due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made it essential to be able to monitor the quality of air in closed spaces. It is no coincidence that at the heart of smart building, the new frontier in construction, lies automated management of parameters such as lighting, air conditioning, air monitoring and ventilation. Smart building is based on sensors, which communicate with software platforms that analyse data and monitor the systems. Important partnerships are underway with large Italian corporates, ranging from the customisation of existing sensors to the research and development of innovative sensors, designed and developed to fulfil specific customer requirements.
The goal remains the same: to offer customers the best technological solutions for environmental monitoring.