Optoi’s Industrial Division designs and produces silicon microelectronic sensors. Its close partnership with FBK means it is capable of controlling the entire production chain, from the silicon wafer to the final component.

Constant commitment to quality is the main feature of production at Optoi, and translates into raw material control procedures, in-line testing and final testing on 100% of all products prior to packaging and dispatching to the client.

Production process controls start with the checking of the silicon wafer that is 100% mapped against several electronic and functional parameters. The cutting and assembly onto plastic, metal or ceramic substrates envisages visual or functional tests during the positioning and welding of the microelectronic chip and the electric gold-wire bonding between chip and substrate. The entire output is always checked for planarity and device cleanliness.

Optoi periodically conducts reliability tests on its products. Each production lot is subjected to stress tests such as “Halt&Hass”, temperature cycles and accelerated life tests on the wafers. Finished components are also tested according to Arrhenius and Coffin-Manson models to verify mean time to failure (MTTF).

All Optoi’s activities are regulated under a quality system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The products output by the Industrial Division are: