Innovative Silicon - Concentration Photovoltaic module

The project is part of the innovative area of production systems of energy from the sun, notoriously the concentration systems and thin-film systems, compared to traditional systems, represented by solar panels monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

iSi-CPV deals with the evolution of an already existing technologically advanced and innovative concentrating photovoltaic system, in which it will be added a thermal cogeneration hybrid module with high conversion efficiency.

Solar radiation focus is based on a technology patented by Optoelectronics Italia, that uses micro-parabolic mirrors.

The main goal of iSi-CPV is the study and the integration of a recovery circuit into the concentration module, that is able to exploit the cooling system of photovoltaic and at the same time to provide hot water: this means that this system will convert simultaneously solar radiation into electricity and heat energy.