Optoi’s Special Vehicles division sees to the design and production of intelligent electronic sensors for earth-moving, farming and construction machines. Based on a solid know-how foundation in microelectronics, Optoi is a supplier capable of developing new products and of controlling their production stages thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the technology.


In 2005, Optoi pioneered the industry of optical sensors for hydraulic cylinders. In cooperation with the company Giuliani Cilindri, it developed a highly reliable technology that allows to detect the cylinders’ position at specific points or continuously. Detection is done via the emission and reception of an optical beam reflected by the rod, which is specifically etched using laser ablation techniques.

This technology is patented and offers multiple advantages: it is immune to external electromagnetic fields; it is built-in and difficult to tamper with; it is shielded from outdoor agents such as humidity, dust and mud. In the field since 2005, in the first 10 years of activity 300,000 single-position sensors have been sold, with only 25 ppm returned from the field. Today, the evolution of this technology has allowed Optoi to roll out a new product for continuous position detection, already renowned in various international sector fairs (EIMA and Agritechnica). By 2020, Optoi aims at achieving an annual production of 100,000 optical sensors.


For the same markets of reference, Optoi also produces a line of inclinometers for angle (single-axis) or planarity (dual-axis) measurements. Optoi inclinometers are designed to be shockproof and resistant to vibrations and external agents. All of the models - analogic as well as CANopen – are assembled in anodised metal housings and embedded in specific electronic resins that guarantee IP67 protection rating and the protection of circuits and connections.


The geographical closeness of Optoi to large-sized international groups that produce components such as cylinders, axles and engines, and its presence within the new industrial mechatronics hub Polo della Meccatronica established in nearby Rovereto, are all factors that favour its becoming the point of reference for innovative sensor manufacturing in the special vehicle market.