Multispectral cameras

The most advanced multispectral chamber for installation on remote pilot or on-board pilot, land or airplane

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  • Modular multispectral camera

    MAIA-M2 is the low-cost modular multispectral camera designed to be easily configured by the user according to it's project requirements. The camera can be scaled up at any time to build compact camera arrays by just adding further modules

  • Advanced multi-spectral camera

    MAIA is the most advanced multi-spectral imaging camera, is based on an array of 9 imaging sensors, each coupled with a band-pass filter that precisely defines the spectrum of the radiation to be detected.

  • Hyperspectral Vision System

    The hyperspectral vision solution is based on a linear InGaAS camera that operates in the range of 900-1700 nm, a custom illumination system with selectable wavelengths, and a classification software for automatic identification of different materials in the area under analysis.