Industrio Ventures is an investor and hardware startup accelerator, with headquarters at the Polo Meccatronica in Rovereto (Province of Trentino) and hubs throughout the Northeast of Italy. Every year, Industrio Ventures invests in a limited number of startups, which it provides the necessary support to so as to achieve the ideal Time To Market of the technological product. Industrio Ventures has its own network of industrial and technological partners to offer startups the best combination of tools and knowledge, and collaborates with some of the most innovative manufacturing innovation ecosystems in Italy.

Bruno Kessler Foundation is a research institution, which operates in the scientific and technological field (Materials and Microsystems and Information Technology). The Centre has a system of laboratories for micro and nanotechnologies and for the design and mass production of silicon devices. Thanks to its acknowledged expertise in the field of integrated and system sensors, the entity systematically participates in projects with Research centres and international technology networks. Optoi has always collaborated with the MTLab division, within which there are state-of-the-art facilities for the design and production of silicon sensors and microsystems and test laboratories.

iC-Haus is a company founded in 1984, based in Bodenheim (Germany), an international leader in the design, development and construction of integrated circuits, ASICs and ASSPs. Optoi has been collaborating for years in various R&D projects with iC-Haus technicians and designers and is also the official distributor of its standard products for the Italian market.

First Sensor is one of the most important groups in the world in the sensor sector. The company develops and produces standard and customised devices for the industrial, medical and mobility sectors. It has 6 production sites in Germany and is renowned within Europe thanks to a loyal network of partnerships. Several projects are underway that can boast the complementarity of the Optoi Group and the First Sensor Group.

Habitech is the Trentino Technological District for energy and the environment acknowledged by the Ministry of University and Research, a company that is made up of about 170 companies, research bodies and public agencies. Habitech represents a national hub for sustainable construction, renewable energy and the environment and is the key partner for companies that want to grow in the ever-evolving greentech market.

University of Trento Founded in 1962, the University of Trento has always focused on building alliances and complementarities with Italian and foreign institutions and organisations. Optoi has collaborated and still collaborates to implement various projects related to applied R&D, mainly with the departments of Industrial Engineering and Materials Engineering and the CIBIO Centre for Integrated Biology.

Advansid is a company founded in 2010, based in the FBK structure. Advansid's main business is to develop and market a new range of particularly innovative silicon photodiodes (SiPM). These are silicon avalanche photodiodes with high gain, sensitive to the single photon, extremely fast and immune to magnetic fields.