The group

OPTOI (Optoelettronica Italia srl) is the main company of a group of companies specialized in electronic and microelectronic sensors.


In addition to Optoelettronica Italia Srl, the following operating companies are part of the Optoi Group:

Eoptis Srl  designs and produces innovative vision systems and optoelectronic tools for in-line control of product lines and production processes. The three sectors on which it focuses are colorimetry, 3D profile measurement and multi-spectral vision at various wavelengths. The products are used in the industrial, biomedical, safety and food sectors. Eoptis has long-standing experience in electronics, optics, mechanics and analysis algorithms for the realisation of standard catalogue products and for custom OEM supply solutions.

UpSens Srl is an innovative start-up, founded in 2016 in Trento. The team boasts a wealth of expertise in the design of high-quality sensors for monitoring the quality of environments and improving people's health. UpSens designs, develops, manufactures and markets portable devices for monitoring physical parameters commonly present in the environment.

Innovasens Brasil Ltda based in Florianopolis, Brazil is a network of high technology enterprises, strongly oriented to the developement and production of components as well as advanced systems for the field of sensors and vision, through innovative technological platforms.


Advansid was established in 2010 through the cooperation of three important groups: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Diatec Holding and A-innotech (Optoi Group). Advansid is hosted in the FBK headquarters and has access to the foundation’s facilities. Advansid’s core business is the development and sale of a new and especially innovative series of silicon photodiodes (SiPM), i.e. high-gain silicon single-photon sensitive avalanche photodiodes. They are extremely fast and immune to magnetic fields. In its capacity as a partner, Optoi oversees the development and manufacture of microelectronic packages capable of hosting single-channel or matrix-configured SiPMsnts.

Industrio is a start-up accelerator that assists enterprises or persons wishing to develop and manufacture technological products. Every year, Industrio selects and invests in a limited number of start-ups, to which it then provides the support necessary to achieve the ideal TimeToMarket of the technological product. Industrio avails itself of its own network of industrial and technological partners in order to offer the start-ups the best mix of tools and know-how, and coordinates and works with a national and international industrial ecosystem with the aim of providing the best technologies, infrastructures and professional skills.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a research entity that operates in the field of technological science (Materials, Microsystems, Information technology). The Foundation has a system of laboratories for micro and nanotechnology and for the design and series production of silicon devices. Thanks to its renowned competence in the field of integrated and system sensor technology, the Foundation systematically participates in projects together with international research centres and technology networks. Optoi has uninterruptedly worked with the MTLab division that boasts cutting-edge facilities for the design and production of silicon sensors and microsystems and of test laboratories.

iC-Haus GmbH, established in 1984, with headquarters in Bodenheim (Germany), is an internationally leading company in the design, development and production of integrated circuits, ASICs and ASSPs. Optoi has been working for years in various R&D projects with iC-Haus technicians and designers and is also the official distributor of its standard products on the Italian market.

First Sensor AG is one of the most important groups in the world in the sensor industry. The company develops and produces standard and custom devices for the industrial, medical and mobility sectors. It has 6 production plants in Germany and is present throughout Europe via a network of loyal partners. Various projects currently under way can boast the cooperation of the Optoi Group with the First Sensor Group.

Habitech is the Trentino Technological Cluster for energy and the environment recognised by the Ministry of Universities and Research. It comprises about 170 members consisting of enterprises, research centres and public agencies. Habitech is a national hub for sustainable building, renewable energy and the environment, and is the ideal partner for companies seeking to grow in the constantly evolving Greentech market.

University of Trento Established in 1962, the University of Trento since its inception has always aimed at building up alliances and complementary exchange with Italian and international institutions and organisations. Optoi has worked and still works with the University of Trento in various applied R&D-related projects, mainly with the Engineering Department and with the CIBIO Integrated Biology Centre.