On Thursday 7th June, the third Industrio Talk of the year will be held in the accelerator spaces "Industrio Ventures" at the Polo Meccatronica in Rovereto, dedicated to the revolution of IoT and Smart Sensors.

As you know, the IoT is booming: it is estimated that every second,127 new devices are connecting to the internet. In the coming years, these technologies will forever change key areas of human life such as transport, manufacturing, people caring, home.

On the basis of this revolution there are obviously smart sensors, essential to provide intelligence to products and processes. In this third "Industrio Talk" our CEO Afredo Maglione, president of the Optoi Group, will participate as main speaker.

Speaker :

Raffaele Giaffreda
Paolo Lugli
Alfredo Maglione
Emanuela Palar
Gian Pietro Picco

7th June 2018 – from 17:00 to 18:30
At the Start-up accelerator space "Industrio Ventures"
Via Fortunato Zeni n° 8 – Rovereto
Polo Meccatronica - Scala 3 - First Flor

Contact : info@industrio.co