Optical single position sensor

Optical single position sensors detect the single position of a rod in an hydraulic cylinder. These sensors are integrated, tampered-proof and insensitive to electro-magnetic fields. Optical sensors are designed for agricultural and earth-moving machines and are used in harsh environments.

The main applications are central position or limit switch on steering cylinders, stabilizers, telescopic cylinders.

optical single position sensors for hydraulic cylinders




Mod.TypePower supply (V)Output current (mA)Output type
OIS21 Optical single position sensor 7V - 30V 700-2400 mA PNP
OIS25 Optical single position sensor with diagnostic 30V 150 mA PNP
OIS27 Redundant single position sensor 7V - 15V / 21V - 30V 50 mA PNP
OIS29 Miniaturized optical single position sensor 8V - 15V 20 mA PNP