Tailored Solution

Thanks to the experience gained in the past 20 years of activity, Optoi is a perfect partner for the development and the production of custom solutions.

A team of engineers and skilled technicians carries out a constant training, in order to represent an innovative reference for the customers. Even if Optoi is operating in a high-technology and continuously evolving field, its size grants a good flexibility in order to satisfy the single requirements of each customer or application. In detail, “customized development” means: design and manufacturing of a specific silicon die with specific and relative electronic interface, or alternatively just the package development using standard silicon die, or only electronic interface design and production.

The typical stages of a new customized development start with the requirements and technical data collection, for a first economical and technical feasibility study; after a successful completion of the first step the real design of the identified solution is usually carried out with a customer agreement, leading to the delivery of a first series. In the end, possible optimizations are carried out, for component or system industrialization.

During the industrialization of a new device, after the pre-series production many reliability tests are performed; in some cases they are completely correlated to the typology of the developed component, but the following list shows some of the most representative tests performed in order to validate a product (before mass production):

  • Functioning test in the whole operating temperature range.
  • Extreme 2 point cyclic test (e.g. -40°+100)
  • Test in harsh environment (e.g. humidity, dust, vibration, etc.)
  • Test of the most important parameters, as accuracy, sensitivity, drift, repeatability
  • Life test to determine the reliability parameters (MTTF, average life time, failure rate, etc.)
  • EMC test, and if necessary more specific tests in order to certificate the conformance to specific standards


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