Optoi was founded in Trento in 1995, derived from one of the very first technological spin-offs of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (formerly IRST), a reference research centre of excellence for Trentino and Europe. It has maintained an intense relationship of scientific collaboration with FBK, cultivating high specialisation in supplying the market with silicon devices.

The current structure of the Group is the result of targeted acquisitions, the take-off of innovative startups, the establishment of newco of geographical significance, and other transactions that were perfected thanks to the intertwined basic principle of technological innovation with the entrepreneurial passion of the founders.

Ever since it was established, Optoi has focused its core business on the production of optical microelectronic components and smart optoelectronic sensors. Thanks to its patented products for safety and mobility management, it soon became a point of reference for the industrial sector and for special vehicles in the construction and agriculture sectors. The innovative vision systems and optoelectronic measurement tools developed by the subsidiary, Eoptis, complete the range of solutions intended for the automation of hardware and manufacturing processes (solutions that are today summarised in the concept of “Industry 4.0”)

In 2011, Optoi began its collaboration with the European Space Agency in the production of satellite sensors and components. It is currently accredited with reference to the research and production of highly specialised aerospace devices, guaranteed by the most stringent safety and reliability standards.

In 2015, Optoi technology and know-how were applied to significant projects in the biomedical field; selected to participate in some of the main European projects, it created and developed an internal division that brought together sensors, genomics and biochemistry, experimenting with their enormous applicative potential.

In 2017, the strong focus on environmental sustainability urged towards the debut in the field of green technologies, sensors for the environment and for monitoring indoor parameters related to air and electromagnetic waves.

In June 2020, the Group celebrated its 25th Anniversary by revamping the graphic line of its brand and adopting a more streamlined, rational and compact corporate structure.