OPTOI is an industrial and participating holding company. It is the company distinguished by the most deep-rooted path over time. It designs and manufactures in Trento, in the main office in via Vienna, where it can also have an advanced cleanroom for silicon treatment. It combines intense customised activity with well-structured industrial activity for electronic and microelectronic mass production. The research and development activity carried out in support of the evolution of products in the mobility sector (earth moving machines and agricultural vehicles), in the aerospace sector (accredited partner of the main European bodies in components for satellites), in the biomedical sector (in particular on the study of micro-RNA as a function of the early detection of diseases destined to become chronic) and in the green sector (sensors to detect the main environmental parameters).

EOPTIS is the group company specialized in the development and production of vision systems and optoelectronic measuring instruments for the industrial world. Highly innovative technologies such as colorimetry, multispectral imaging and 3D measurement combine with established architectures to create robust and reliable products.

UPSENS it is the youngest company in our Group. It was founded as an innovative startup focused on the environment as an integral part of individual and corporate well-being, deserving of attention and collective responsibility. UpSens aims to introduce people-friendly devices in the home, company, school and other spaces to check the air quality and the level of electromagnetic pollution.

TNS is the division of the Group dedicated to the design and production of components, sensors, mechatronic equipment and IOT monitoring systems. Rooted in the Triveneto area and oriented towards the international market thanks to TNS Sensor in Brazil, TNS Mectronic collaborates with the University of Padua and with the SMACT Competence Center.

Together with TNS BRASIL and SMETRO, INNOVASENS oversees the promising Brazilian market and aims to distribute Optoi technology and know-how in the South American continent, also through on-site assembly activities.